Our prime innovation the hybrid focuses on using the energy potential present in the area to generate electricity from the most abundant natural energy resources i.e. solar and wind energy.

The hybrid hosts a concentrated solar energy module which concentrates the solar energy from different angles of sunlight as per the movement of sun throughout the day to focus on small high intensity mono PV module for energy generation.

Along with this, the hybrid incubates low speed wind energy turbine to use the wind energy present in rural areas from open spaces and in urban areas through wind channels created by buildings, and turbulences in wind created by movement of automobiles and other systems. Apart from this the hybrid includes a three layer air purification system for extracting the pollutants, other harmful bacteria and viruses from the surrounding air.

The electricity generated by the product is utilized by the air purification system in smaller amounts while the rest abundant energy is moved to provide power back to the main grid of the nearby area. The company aims to develop in-area grid plants which accumulate no. of units in particular vicinity for energy generation and wind purification. This will reduce the overall cost of transportation of electricity, increase the efficiency of energy generation as per need and reduce air pollution throughout the area of setup leading to suitable environmental conditions and reducing health risks for the population within the vicinity.

Further the grid can be used to power charging stations for upcoming electric vehicles which will be replacing the current market scenario by wholesome in the future.
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