We are objected towards Green technological development & research, we aim to design and develop ingenious products characterized to provide resourceful solutions to various intricate challenges on a global scale. As energy requirements are on rise tremendously while pollution and depletion of resources combine to form the major risk factors involved in energy generation to sustain the rising demand. Company’s different products provides an eclectic way to meet the need of the hour in an economically viable way which also embarks upon reducing, reusing and recycling policy of growth.

Moreover, our immense experience and strong technical pedigree across a variety of sectors, thus providing a backdrop to undertake various projects through their life cycles; from initial concept design directing towards manufacturing & production of the product and beyond.

We are primarily based in Jaipur, Rajasthan and are engaged in developing products for the international market, offering services in different domains to develop a finished product. Every aspect of the development process; including ideation & innovation, product aesthetics, UI/UX (user interface/user experience) and production are fully explored by our in-house experts and designers along with help of different manufacturing facilities to provide our clients with the best possible products.

We offer our clientele a different approach towards fresh ideas, more creativity, and technologically driven innovation; simplistically astounding designs. We strive to thoroughly understand one’s business requirements and collectively provide unique and systematic solutions in design and development services.

An eye for detail makes our works excellent

  • Turret
  • Vertical Climber
  • Hot water Cylinder
  • R2D2
  • Cosmetic Tool
  • Bixoom

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Plot No 20, Sikar road, Sangam Colony, Chanakyapuri, Jaipur, Rajasthan, 302013
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